Who We Are


Think of us as connection builders: fusing insights, people, and tactics into practical and actionable plans. But we go further, guiding and advising all the way through a company’s evolution. Our approach goes well beyond typical consultancies, who issue their plans and step away with a handshake and a “good luck.” We’re there through the engagement, ensuring all parties emerge with the change they’re chasing.

That takes experience and instinct earned only through time. Our teams are hard-wired to solve problems, and deeply experienced across an array of backgrounds. We’re 165+ professionals working from locations around the world, and networked deeply through our relationship with Ascential.

Portrait of Michael E. Kassan, Chairman and CEO.

Founded in 2003 by Chairman and CEO Michael E. Kassan, MediaLink is a growth agent for organizations of all sizes, from global, Fortune 100 brands to startups.

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